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Reddey's own personal website!


Update counter - 22 (Useful for debugging)

8/31/2019 this is my website where i do stuff.

Currently im retarded and have no idea other than hyperlinking stuff and making headers so please wait paciently.

Cool Legosi image ^ That should be a image… hopefully (Short fur Legosi is the best! Fight me!)

This should be a HYPERLINKED image

Image This image should be a hyperlink to a site, WICH IT IS!!!

also i figured i should add a time date to 1st header.

Hex has his own site IN HTML BAHAHHAHA (no but for real i think he made it in HTML because he can have a favicon)

9/2/2019 Its 9/1 really but its so late ill just categorise it as 9/2 because tommorow i want to change stuff again .^.

This should be a HYPERLINKED image THAT opens in a new TAB!!! This time around its Juno. Another Gray Wolf from a manga im currently reading.

After long consideration, I will pass up Favicons for now as i have no idea how to add them without downloading terminals and other things i frankly have no idea how to use. So instead i will just continue on with normal experimentation

Fyi the update counter will go away once i figure this out so debugging wont be such an intensive task


Studies have started and im depressed :(